About Institute
Sl. No.
1 Name Of the Institute Swami Vivekanand Industrial Pvt. ITI
2 Address Of the Institute Chak 2JRK, Shri Ganganagar Road, Hanumangarh
3 Date of Establishment
4 DGET File Reference No. DGET-6/20/S8/2007-TC
5 Code Allotted by DGET PRO80001054
6 Contact Nos. 9414064758,9828329525,9414380493
7 Mobile No. 9414380493
8 Fax No.
9 Email ID principal.svnitc@yahoo.com
10 Location - Rural/Urban
11 Approach / How to Reach
Introduction of the Institute with the Mission Statement and Objective
Managing Society/Trust/Company etc
1 Name Of the Society/Trust/Company etc Swami Vivekanand Children Welfare Society, Hanumangarh
2 Registration Number and its Validity 070/ Hanumangarh/2010-11
3 Scanned copy of related certificate Certicate
4 Remarks
Name(s) of Chairman and Members
Sl. No. Name & Designation Father's Name Address Mobile No. UID No. Whether member of any other Society/Trust/Company If answer of Column 6 is yes, Please Furnish Detail
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Dr. Smt Suman Pawa (President) Shri Bhimsen Sector No. 6, House No. 30, Hanumangarh Junction
2 Smt. Poonam Arora (Vice President) Shri Devki Nandan Dabra Sector No. 6, Hanumangarh Junction
3 Smt Sunita Rani (Secretary) Shri Baburam Goyal Ward No. 24, Surya Nagar Gali No. 2, Hanumangarh Town
4 Shri Maghiram (Cashier) Shri Ramji Das Ward No. 22, Sangaria
5 Smt Renu (Executive Member) Shri Mithu Ram Ward No. 6, Hanumangarh Junction
6 Shri Rajan Kuamr (Executive Member) Shri Bushan Kumar Ward No. 15, Hanumangarh Town
7 Smt Savindra Kaur (Executive Member) W/O Shri Jernel Singh Ward No. 16, Sangaria
8 Shri Ashok Jain (Executive Member) Shri Hazrimal 312, Durga Colony, Hanumangarh Junction
9 Shri Neeraj Kumar (Executive Member) Shri Bhimsen Sector No. 6, Hanumangarh Junction
10 Shri Navin Middha (Executive Member) Shri Durga Parshad Sector No. 6, Hanumangarh Junction
11 Shri Ramesh Kumar (Executive Member) Shri Baburam New Abadi Ward No. 22 Hanumangarh Town